Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Can't Buy Music On Your iPhone?

I had just bought a new iPhone 4S and like a lot of iPhone users I upgraded it to iOS6 and something really strange happened. My battery to die at an alarming rate even if the phone was locked and 'sleeping'. I researched post after post and tried everything I could and something I did eventually worked - my battery was back to normal. Now, I have no real clue which of the 20 things I tried actually worked (that's for another post) but I did notice a very strange side effect: I could no longer purchase music from the iTunes store on my phone.

I could buy Apps but not songs. The prices were all grey'd out. It was clear to me that some setting I had messed with had caused this to happen. Enjoying my newly restored battery life I wasn't really in a hurry to undo any of those settings. Have you noticed the title of this blog? Yeah. So I suffered a bit completely unable to buy that new track that I must have right now ... gah!

Thank god for Spotify.

A few weeks went by and damn it - I needed some new music so I went to the Google. Nothing. Well, nothing that was really relevant to my issue. Then, as I was poking around the iTunes store I realized that I could buy explicit music and thought that was really strange and I suddenly remembered a setting in the Restrictions that specifically enabled Explicit Music and that I had turned that on at some point.

So rather unscientifically I just disabled all restrictions and BAM! I could buy all the music again (and I did... I bought all the music).

I had initially enabled restrictions to disable Safari because one poster on the Apple forums suggested it could be hogging up battery power. Since I've disabled restrictions I've found that disabling Safari was not the culprit for the sudden battery suicide so that's good. Welcome back Safari and welcome back music.

For the record, I now prefer the Chrome app for iPhone web browsing.

Hope this helps anyone having the same problem.

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  1. Thanks :) your post just made my day as Apple Support couldn´t help (again)...