Tuesday, August 13, 2013

It Has Been a While...

True to the name of my blog I just haven't found the time to blog since last year. It's not that I haven't had the ideas. It's not that I have lacked the desire. I have just been on a roller coaster ride since last summer.

We (as in the team at TheaterMania.com) went into the fall of 2012 with a secret mission to launch a new product that I couldn't blog or talk about (and I still can't) but you can take my word that we did an awesome job with the prototype. More on that later this year.

That brings us to January 2013 when TheaterMania.com acquired the UK based theater website WhatsOnStage.com and we went right into relaunching their site on the same code base as TM.

Our first step was to turn the TheaterMania code base into a platform of sorts. That included the fully custom CMS and all of the front end code. We had to take into consideration that even though the sites were both in English there were certain words (like Theater) that had to be spelled and displayed correctly. We also have a lot of geolocation going on that was very US based. That would all have to change.

To make a long story short by May of 2013 we were in private beta on the new website, having rebuilt it on our new platform and we were on schedule to launch in early June.

Two private site launch parties and 4 international flights later and we were live with the new site on June 4th, 2013! It was the calmest launch I have ever experienced. Nothing broke and nothing went wrong. It was live and stable and there was much sleep to be had. Granted we had done this before with very much the same code base but still... so many things could have gone wrong. The teams on both sides of the world were happy.

Over the coming weeks fans and users gave us great feedback and praised the new design and layout (well, mostly praised) and we went into doing a massive update on the custom CMS which brings us to now. We're about to roll out the both content management systems tomorrow. The internal one will be very much in ALPHA as we start testing and the public listings management application will be in public BETA.

I'm very excited for these products to hit and I can't wait to start making updates and releasing new features and maybe, just maybe I'll blog some more in the process.

Keep an eye out tomorrow afternoon at http://theatermania.com/industry for an all new listings submission experience!

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